Vietnam Update - March, 2006

Fafard Real Estate and Development Corp. presented its plan for the Village at Kings Way on the parcel formerly owned by the Robsham family to the Milford Conservation Commission on 2/21/06. The plan is to build a cluster development of 120 unit/ 30 building on 20 acres of the 116-acre parcel.

One of the earlier plans was to spread the houses out throughout the parcel. The 96-acre northwestern half of the parcel will remain conservation restricted open space. This is the half closer to the NEMBA Vietnam parcel and preserves the contiguous nature of the Upper Charles Headwaters Area. The Brooklyn Bridge and Kitchen riding areas are preserved. It looks like the firewall is just south of the Robsham parcel.

What is lost is the access and area near the old AAC entrance off rte 16. The doubletrack leading from the AAC entrance along with singletrack trails on each side will be lost. Those who go on Splatís rides will be impacted since the development will be just on the other side of the bridge over the small stream to the left of the Dunster St. entrance. You may have noticed the blue flags in the area delineating the wetland boarders near the stream.

Overall this is a good compromise between development and conservation. I do not feel that it is critical to have a large turnout at the Tuesday, April 4th Planning Board Hearing, but please attend if you feel so inclined."

—John Vosburg, Chariman, Vietnam Land Management Committee

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