Vietnam Update
John Vosburg
July, 2007

The Tuesday Night Trailwork crew is continuing trail building and improvement efforts in Vietnam. This year’s focus is on trail construction clean up and trail braid control on Dirty Little Secret (DLS). We have found that trail braids are due to riders who:

Our original attempts to close braids with deadwood and leaves were only marginally successful in deterring riders from using a braid. We are now working with rocks to define trails and close trail braids. The plan is not to rock line all trails in the Vietnam area, but to use them to better define areas that have been trouble spots in the past. We ask that riders please stay on the established trails and avoid creating their own paths by riding off trail. These shortcuts quickly start to look like the actual trail and are often followed and further established by people who don’t know the trail system very well. This is how a trail system turns into a mess.

We have added a new technical trail feature on the DLS trail, which is just before the switchbacks and the jump line. We extended DLS about 60 yards to incorporate a step-up to large rock where riders can then drop off the rock onto the straightaway and into the big berm prior to the jump line. Riders choosing not take this option can go to the left of the step up and enter the switchbacks (aka Lombard St.).

Riders have reported motorized vehicles on the trails in the Vietnam area. We ask riders to remain vigilant. If you see motorized vehicles on the trails, please politely notify them that motorized vehicles are not permitted in the area. We’ve installed “No Motorized Vehicles” signs along the border with the power lines and on the kiosk. The town of Milford has a very stringent “No Motorized Vehicles” policy and does confiscate offender’s vehicles.

Thanks to all that have come out to help us build and maintain the trails. Of course, we always need more people to help. So, if you can come out or stop by on a ride, we’d appreciate it. Remember if it’s Tuesday night, it’s trailwork time! Hope to see you next week…