Reprinted from NEMBA Single Tracks, September, 2004

Blackstone Valley NEMBA has been all about the ride lately. We’ve been fortunate to have cultivated great relations with our land managers and seem to be without major trail access concerns

Weekly Ride Series

As it has been forever, our weekly Wednesday night ride series will continue well into the fall. (And for some, all the time).

Since late August we’ve taken to bringing lights with us. You can still come and ride with us if you don’t have lights. We can get you back to the start before dark. Or you can keep on riding if you don’t mind bumping into more trees than you usually do!

Be ready to go by 6:00 PM. HUFFF: The first Wednesday of the month we ride at Hodges Village Dam in Oxford, the second Wednesday at Upton State Forest, the third at Framingham’s Callahan State Park, followed by a Floater ride on the fourth (and fifth) Wednesday. We welcome your suggestions and offers to lead future floater rides. Let us know if you’re interested in leading a ride.

Don’t forget that our rides and event details are posted on our website, Thanks to Mitch Steinberg for keeping the site current and looking good.

Special Rides

There are several additional rides going on in October.

On October 16 Dave Freed will be leading his fifth annual Triple Basin Blast. If you’ve not done this ride before, you may be asking yourself, “What’s a Triple Basin Blast?” The Triple Basin refers to the fact that this ride traverses three of the state's major watersheds (or river basins). Vietnam is the headwaters of the Charles River, which empties out into Boston Harbor. Peppercorn Hill and Upton State Forest are part of the Blackstone River watershed, which goes through Providence into Narraganset Bay. Whitehall State Park is the one of the headwaters of the Sudbury River, which empties into the Concord River, which flows into the Merrimack River and the Atlantic Ocean near New Hampshire. Our ride goes through all three. Enough geography.

There will again be 3 routes to choose from, one of 35 miles, another of 25 miles and one of 15 miles. The routes are fairly technical and mentally, physically and mechanically challenging. And the ride is a blast on some great trails. Each ride has a ride leader and group size will be limited. You must pre-register for this ride. Watch the website for details.

Other members of Blackstone Valley NEMBA are offering up some fine riding opportunities.

Pete Taylor has two moderately paced rides planned, each about 15 miles. One on October 3 will be from Hodges Village to Charlton via the Mid-State Trail and return via part of Buffumville Trail. Another will October 17 will be in northern Worcester County, starting at the Wachusett Village Inn to scenic Muddy Pond, Westminster. He promises opportunities for good food and ale after the rides. Call Pete Taylor, 978 365 6242 for details.

Vietnam Trail Maintenance

A trail building day is planned for October 24. The Milford Conservation Committee has graciously allowed us to build a new access trail through their property. The trail will start at Rt 85, north of the power lines and office park. This work day will be organized by the Vietnam Land Management Committee. Watch the website for details.

Chapter Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Event

We’re planning our annual chapter meeting for November, date and place TBD. As always, it is open to everyone. We’ll go for a ride, do some lunch and finish up with our meeting and elections.

Speaking of elections, we’d welcome your involvement as a candidate. Contact any of our current board members to find out more. But just remember my brother Jeb will again be in charge of the vote counting!

Rich Kordell

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