Chapter News from BV NEMBA's President, Rich Kordell (Reprinted from NEMBA Single Tracks, October, 2005)

Officers Area Reps
President & Treasurer: Rich Kordell 508 865-9964 Callahan SP: Mark Lamkin
Secretary: Anne Shepard Westboro Area: Dave Freed
Ride Coordinator: Jeff Gallo Hodges Village Dam: Eammon Carleton
Vietnam: John Vosburg
Hale Reservation: Jack Maxwell
Douglas State Forest: Mike Tonry

I missed the deadline for getting our Chapter notes into the prior edition of Singletracks and got some grief from our membership. Sorry. (At least itís good to know that someone reads this, Joe.) So let me catch up, in reverse chronological order with a few of the chapter events. Thereíve been several happenings, most good, but one not so good, for the Blackstone Valley Chapter.

If you look at the masthead above, you may notice a change or two. Iíve taken on the role of Treasurer and weíve named John Vosburg as Vietnam Rep. Thatís because one of the founders of Blackstone Valley NEMBA, Mitch Steinberg, has packed up his bikes and headed off with Jeannie to ride the trails of New Mexico. Mitch was also the first chairman of the Vietnam Land Management Committee and in that role carefully planned a blueprint that will ensure the happiness of the riders of our trail network. Mitch was also one of my closest riding buddies and technical experts so will be missed even more when Iím looking for a spontaneous after work ride or advice on bike parts. Fortunately, heíll be staying active in Blackstone Valley as our webmaster.

Speaking of Vietnam, the VLMC hosted a trail building event there on June 11. We had a great turnout of 40 plus people who earned good karma through their sweat equity in the sweltering heat. Nearly a mile of nicely flowing trails and some of the wildest, well designed technical features Iíve ever seen were sculpted by the work crews.


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