Reprinted from NEMBA Single Tracks, November, 2004

Weekly Ride Series

The official weekly Wednesday night ride series will resume with the return of warmer weather and brighter nights.

That’s not to say many of us are not still riding or engaged in other outdoor activities. We encourage those of you who are looking for people to ride (or ski, snowshoe, etc) with to post your activity on our group email list,

US Army Corp of Engineers Park Ranger Conference

NEMBA Executive Director Philip Keyes and I presented a Powerpoint presentation to about 40 regional USACE land managers from throughout New England on October 28. The presentation gave an overview of NEMBA, IMBA's Memorandum of Understanding with the Corps and resulted in developing additional partnership opportunities.

Blackstone Valley has enjoyed a very favorable relationship with the US Army Corps of Engineers and this meeting built upon that. As a result of the meeting several possible opportunities were created. For example, there’s a strong likelihood that NEMBA's 2005 Trail Building School may be done in partnership with the USACE at one of their facilities, possibly in the Blackstone Valley region. Several rangers who knew little about NEMBA approached us to further investigate riding and trail building opportunities in their parks.

Vietnam Trail Maintenance

A very successful trail building day was completed on October 24. About 30 people from Blackstone Valley and other NEMBA chapters participated. It seemed like the entire Milford Bike Shop showed up for the event. This great turnout exceeded the organizers expectations, allowing the planned 1 ˝ mile access trail through the Milford Conservation Committee property to be completed. We were done by early afternoon, ripped through some pizza and many headed back out to rip through the trails.

This project could not have been completed without the planning of the "Tuesday night crew", Mitch Steinberg, John Goeller, Dan Ibbitson, Dave Mitchell, and John Vosburg. This group donated their time over a period of months scouting the area and flagging the trail. Thanks also to Greater Boston NEMBA for use of their tool trailer, to Tom Grimble for the use of his car to haul it, Mike Tabazynksi for driving it out this way, John Goeller for the use of his driveway, and Dan Ibbitson for getting it to the work area on Sunday.

Chapter Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Event

By the time you read this we will have held our annual chapter meeting and elections. I didn’t keep any of the promises I made last year, have depleted our financial resources, polarized the BVNEMBA membership, and alienated us from other chapters. Based on these successes, along with my supporters from Hodges Village and the battleground parks of Upton and Callahan, I predict my reelection as president. In the coming year I will seek to revoke the women’s right to ride and will initiate resumption of rock quarrying in Viet Nam under my “Good Earth” program.

Uh, just kidding…

Rich Kordell

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