Reprinted from NEMBA Single Tracks, January, 2005

We held our annual chapter meeting on Dec. 19. The chapter members in attendance were recognized for their efforts over the past year with lunch. Then we got onto the business of elections and planning for 2005, most of which is the subject of this note.

Chapter Elections

We elected the slate of officers and area reps as listed.

President: Rich Kordell 508 865-9964
Treasurer: Mitch Steinberg
Secretary: Anne Shepard
Ride Coordinator: Jeff Gallo
Area Reps
Callahan SP: Mark Lamkin
Westboro Area: Dave Freed
Hodges Village Dam: Eammon Carleton
Vietnam: Mitch Steinberg
Hale Reservation: Jack Maxwell
Douglas State Forest: Open

We made some minor organizational changes. We created a Westboro Area to recognize Dave Freed’s work with the town’s Charm Bracelet network of trails, incorporating Upton and Hopkinton State Forests in this area as well.

Eammon Carleton stepped up to take over responsibilities at Hodges Village Dam. Mark Donovan has stepped down as area representative for Douglas State Forest. Thanks.

Chapter Meetings

We decided that we should plan for quarterly meetings for 2005. Most of these will be held in conjunction with our regular ride series to give members an opportunity to participate when and where they ride.

We’ll hold our first quarterly meeting in conjunction with our first official ride.

Weekly Ride Series

The weekly ride series will continue. It has always been popular with our members, old and new. We considered changing the day and changing locations. Ultimately, we resolved to maintain the Wednesday evening schedule keep the same HUFF (Hodges, Upton, Framingham, and Floater) locations. This seems to accommodate people in various work and commuting situations. As always, we encourage our members to suggest alternate places for floaters. Jeff Gallo will continue to serve as the ride series coordinator.

Traditionally, our official ride series kicks off on the first Wednesday following the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. That will be Wednesday, April 6 at Hodges Village, weather permitting. Mark your calendar.

Anne Shepard and Mark Donavan indicated that they would like to lead less formalized rides on weekends, to appeal to people who can't come after work. Anne will gear her rides toward beginners and women, who may not feel ready to join the regular intermediate paced HUFF rides. There may also be some basic skills tips incorporated into the rides as needed. Any other members wanting to lead other rides are encouraged to communicate them via Singletracks, our email list, our website, and the NEMBA forum.

The Rangers at West Hill Dam have reminded me that their park has a multi-use trail that is 4.8 miles in length and ideal for beginner riders.

Trail Care Projects

We have some preliminary plans for trail care projects during the 2005 season. Dates and additional activities are to be determined.

We plan to return to Callahan in Framingham. In spring 2004 we partnered with other trail users to construct several rolling grade dips on the Pipeline trail. The two largest ones built under NEMBA crew chiefs’ leadership are holding up best. We plan to enlarge one of the shallower ones near the top since the smaller ones are not effective. We will also re-do a small re-route near the junction of Pipeline and Fox Hunt and hope to cut a new trail between Deer Run and Juniper, to avoid the current dead end when Juniper crosses the SVT boundary.

We also plan to rebuild a bridge at Hodges Village with the funds raised from the 2004 Harpoon Mountain Bike Adventure Series ride. We will be tapping into NEMBA and Army Corps design and build expertise.

Mitch Steinberg and the Viet Nam Land Management Committee are planning to layout a new trail on our parcel. More to follow…Mitch is working with a number of contractors to get the commemorative plaque acknowledging the major donors to the fundraising effort installed on a rock in NEMBA's Viet Nam property.

Area Rep Needed

We now have an opening for Area Rep for Douglas State Forest. We have a longstanding stewardship commitment to help maintain the Midstate Trail within Douglas. Any interested members who would like to become involved should contact me.

Happy Trail in the New Year!

Rich Kordell

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