BVNEMBA Weekly Ride Series

These rides are open to everybody but please be aware of the skill level, it's not a race, and we do not drop anybody on these rides.

Our weekly evening ride series is a lot of fun, and it's a great way to meet other riders and discover the trails in our region. We'll be hitting the trails at 6:00 PM every Monday. You just need to show up and be ready to go no later than 6:15. Pace varies according to the riders who show up on a given night, please be courteous and respectful of other riders, we were all a novice at one point in time. During September and October, as the days shorten, our rides become "twi-light" rides requiring lights. Because these rides present a new set of challenges, the beginner rides will end about that time.

Information for all rides

*Helmets are always required for all rides.
*The parking lot is not the place to see if your bike needs work. Please arrive with a functional bike. *Inclement weather can cancel the ride.
*Sometimes rides are cancelled or changed at the last minute. It is highly recommended that you join the Blackstone Valley mailing list to receive the latest info and directions to the trailhead.

As always, we encourage our members to suggest places to ride or volunteer to lead their own rides. Contact Eammon Carleton with suggestions or to have your rides listed on our website.

Please Note:

We will no longer be posting a full list of rides on this website. The information on our Facebook Page will be the most current. We also have some members leading rides that are only posted on Facebook.