Hale Reservation Walkway Installed - April, 2005

On a beautiful April morning, 7 hardy volunteers (2 from Hale and 5 from NEMBA) strapped on their mud bog boots and in three hours helped put together 112 feet of "walkway" across a marshy section of Hale Reservation. I was schooled that "Walkway" is the approved term because of insurance implications when using the term "Bridge."

The new walkway links two sections of the new black diamond single track on the South side of Dover/Powissett street. This represented a tremendous amount of labor, and I am in debt to the efforts of Andy Thompson, Ted Finn, Rich Kordell, and in particular to "Just Bill" who showed off his diamond cutter like skills in splitting large rocks with a pick axe and cutting out the swamp turf like a slice of pie with his deft handling of the Pulaski. A great big thanks goes out to all.

The names and addresses of the NEMBA volunteers (to whom Hale will be mailing bike access tags):

  • Rich Kordell - 67 Elmwood St Millbury, MA 01527
  • Ted Finn - 10 Beldon Rd. Dover, MA 02030
  • Just Bill - 75 Evergreen Drive Bradford, MA 01835
  • Andy Thompson - 3 Forest Ave Natick, MA 01760
  • Jack Maxwell - 4 Hutton Rd Dover , MA 02030

Thanks again for helping out on Saturday.

The next "walkway—out to the island—may have an interesting twist. Instead of carrying the lumber through the woods to the start of the walkway (a huge pain in the ass), I thought that it would be easier—and kind of cool—to drive them right down to the Town Beach (farther down the road that you parked on) and assemble them right next to the water, and, get this, float them or tow them across the pond right into location!

Trail maintenance day? Hah! A day at the beach!

Huck Finn or what?

Jack Maxwell

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