May 2, 2004 - New Trail at Hale Reservation

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A warm heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who took time away from their family Sunday, May 2nd and came out into the Dover/Westwood woods and helped cut in a new trail at Hale Reservation.

As a first time sponsor of a trail building session, I really had no idea what to expect. But as I've had a chance to reflect and ride the trail again, I am very impressed with the level of insight, advice, editing, rock work and plain damn hard work that everyone put into this project.

The trail is far better for everyone's input - I cannot thank you all enough - except to say that we still have 3 more trails to go!

Given my minimal Catholic upbringing, I am tempted to name these trails the 4 Hale Mary's! Every riders penance for sinning? Do four Hale Mary's!

Jack Maxwell

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