March, 2004 - Callahan State Park Update

Mark Lamkin and Anne Shepard have been working on a plan with Sudbury Valley Trustees to improve the drainage off of the Pipeline trail near the Edmands parking lot. SVT is coordinating with Blackstone Valley NEMBA, the AMC, and SVT and are counting on us to help with design and leadership in addition to "digging in the trenches." This coordination hopefully will improve the relationship between SVT and Callahan. Mountain biking on SVT land is almost universally prohibited. However, SVT has allowed biking on specific through trails that are necessary for us to get from one section of Callahan SP (DCR property) to another. So it goes without saying, please do not ride on trails that are posted with no biking signs. In the near future, we hope to have additional signs posted specifically indicating the allowed trails.

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