2013 Calendar of Events

Dec 10, 2013

Chapter Meeting and Elections


Let's get this train rolling again folks. Monthly chapter meetings will be a good start. I've got several projects that people want to work on in 2014 and I'm going to be counting on all of you for help. Meetings will be the second Tuesday of every month, I'm setting up the schedule now. Once the riding resumes in the spring, we'll hold the meeting immediately following the Tuesday rides. We'll keep the meetings brief, touch on important events coming up, plan and schedule our season.

Our first meeting in December will be for chapter elections. We currently have four chapter officers, one representative and alternate rep. to the Board of Directors, listed below. If anyone would like to run for an office or if any of the present officers would like to step down, please let me know and we'll handle it appropriately.

President - Eammon Carleton
Vice President - John Goeller
Treasurer - Rich Kordell
Secretary - Anne Shepard
BOD Rep - Eammon Carleton
BOD Alternate - John Vosburg/John Goeller

Eammon Carleton

If you have an idea for a special event or would like one listed, contact us!