Novermber 1, 2003 - Callahan State Park Update

Here's an update from Mark Lamkin on some recent activities concerning Sudbury Valley Trustees access near Callahan.

Last Wed. night, there was a meeting of the Callahan Volunteers, a group composed of local residents and others who hike, bike, ride horses and walk dogs. The group was set up by the DEM (now re-orged as DCR) as a way to increase their presence in the park (we were issued vests with logos to make us look official). The majority of the time at the last meeting concerned several areas in SVT land that SVT wanted to fix. SVT wants to get involved with the Callahan group since SVT's land is bound by Callahan and there are differences in policies between the two organizations. But SVT understands the unique situation of its land near Callahan and wants to resolve the bike access issue.

SVT wants to close and reroute a section of trail that is near Eastleigh Farm on Rocky Road. Anne and I were with them earlier in the summer and thought their idea was good. That work needs to go to the ConComm, SVT is taking care of that, and they expect work on that in the spring. They also want to close another section of trail slightly east of that since it is subject to erosion and duplicates a nearby trail. They also want to restrict part of Pipeline, excluding bikes.

So SVT's intent would be to allow bikes on 2 trails to provide us access to the rest of the Callahan. I think that should be fine, after all, it is their land. I will be meeting with Laura Mattei of the SVT on Wed afternoon (not sure if it rains). We intend to properly post several of their trails as 'no biking' and hopefully remove other signs prohibiting bikes. They don't have any signs that say 'biking allowed' so we will work on that. I am considering repainting the 'no biking' signs to make it look like 'biking allowed'. This work should cover the first two areas I mentioned above. The Pipeline trail is still to be worked out; Laura and I hopefully can walk those trails and pick a trail or two off of Pipeline so that we wouldn't be biking in their sensitive area. I also have a greater understanding of the 'no biking' signs that are around Pipeline. They mark prohibited trails (singletrack or smaller?) that you wouldn't even recognize now that they are leaf covered. Pipeline itself is open, although subject to modification as I mentioned above.

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